History of Bartlesville & Washington County, Oklahoma

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This bibliography applies to the material contained in the websites on the History of Bartlesville and Washington County, Oklahoma and the Bartlesville School Facilities. Many of the maps mentioned below are from the Oklahoma Heritage Association, 201 NW 14th, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, (405) 235-4458. Several sources lacking full documentation were extracted from the Bartlesville Public Library's vertical files on Bartlesville city history and schools. Those are listed at the end of the formal bibliography.

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Vertical file sources lacking complete documentation:

  • An Examiner-Enterprise back-to-school article of 1930s vintage with a full page of book lists, schools photos, etc.
  • An Examiner-Enterprise section from the January 1, 1990 issue which summarized events of the 1980s.
  • A City of Bartlesville pamphlet from the 1960s promoting tourism and industry.
  • A school district computer printout dated 12/20/74 giving information on each site, including year built, building cost, and site cost.
  • A typed sheet extracted from the Back To School Issue of the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise of August 4, 1963.
  • A handwritten card listing various school sites and their addresses.
  • Various school articles extracted from the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise over the years.