History of Bartlesville & Washington County, Oklahoma

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Washington County, OK


Population: 34,748 in 2000; 34,256 in 1990

Bartlesville takes it name from Jacob Bartles, who was married to the daughter of Delaware Chief Charles Journeycake. Jacob moved from Silver Lake in 1874 to establish a trading post on Turkey Creek in present-day Bartlesville. He opened the first Bartlesville, Indian Territory post office at that site on May 6, 1879. (A marker has been placed there several yards east of the current Dollar General store.) In 1875, Bartles purchased a mill site from Nelson Carr a few miles west at a horseshoe bend of the Caney River across from present-day Johnstone Park. There he eventually built and operated a general store, grist mill, saw mill, furniture shop, hotel, and two large farms. Bartles' enterprises were north of the Caney River and called Bartles Town or Northside. Development had shifted south of the river by 1897 when Bartlesville was incorporated with a population of around 200. Upon statehood in 1907, Bartlesville was made the seat of Washington County. Other pages offer information on Bartlesville's city history and its attractions and festivals.


ConocoPhillips Corporate Complex

Bartlesville Depot

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