History of Bartlesville & Washington County, Oklahoma

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Washington County, OK

Caney River

(formerly Little Verdigris, Cana, Connie)

This river originates up in Elk County, Kansas. It runs south and then east through Chautauqua County, Kansas and then enters Osage County, Oklahoma. There it runs into Hulah Lake, constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers between 1946 and 1951 for Caney River Valley flood protection. It then flows into northwestern Washington County and hooks up with the Little Caney River. It winds its way southward to Bartlesville, its floodplain splitting that city in half. It then meanders its way to the southern end of the county and eventually reaches the Verdigris River. The Caney was originally called the Little Verdigris River and later the Cana or Connie River. The Caney caused disastrous floods in the Bartlesville area in 1885, 1926, and 1986.

Caney River

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